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A pioneering and exclusive, multilingual Montessori setting for children aged 2 - 5 years old.


  • English children gain, through the acquisition of another language, an invaluable head-start in life.

  • Non-English children learn English through a gentle and effective approach.

  • Bilingual and trilingual children freely practice their languages in our multilingual environment.


To meet each child's needs we maintain a very low child-teacher ratio: one teacher to no more than three children each day.


We believe learning an extra language and gaining an understanding of cultural differences as early as possible in life provides a huge head start for true proficiency and a solid foundation for future success.   


Our aim is to create a setting which is truly an extended 'home from home' where children are happy and nurtured in a well-planned, calm, beautiful, safe, multicultural and multilingual learning environment.

We look after the whole family by giving individual support and providing top services to parents as well.


We are based in an architect renovated Coach House in the heart of Oxford, Walton Manor, Jericho.



Our timetable is flexible too


We start at 8.30am and finish at 3.30pm. We also offer breakfast from 7.30am. After-school clubs and extra sessions are available when extra childcare is needed. 


Places are limited 


We accept all vouchers


For further details please contact us on 


Tel: 07759 856 126



"N’élevons pas nos enfants pour le monde d'aujourd'hui. Ce monde n'existera plus lorsqu'ils seront grands. Et rien ne nous permet de savoir quel monde sera le leur:

Alors, apprenons-leur a s'adapter"

Maria Montessori

"Babies and toddlers are cognitively advantaged by growing up in two or more language environments"

Iram Siraj-Blatchford

A Montessori



OMM is a "home from home" where children are happy to come because it’s “their place”. It is where they know they are listened to, and their opinion is valued and encouraged.

Our 'home'

bilingual approach 


We offer individualised bilingual education in English-French, English-Spanish, English-Portuguese. Very shortly we will offer English-German and English-Italian



Why us 


OMM helps all the children to progress in English and in another language in a smooth natural way while acquiring extended life skills during their time with us.

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