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Our unique social dimension


We are fully aware that nursery is a crucial and formative time for parents and their children. 



→ Information between parents and teachers is regularly shared to support children's care and learning.


  • Teachers give support and ideas on home activities on regular basis.


  • We offer ongoing and termly parent/teacher meetings so parents are fully aware of their children’s progress.  We provide a very detailed child profile for each child.


  • Constant two way communication in the mornings and collection time. 


→ Parents have many opportunities to be involved in our curriculum, our setting and our outings.


  • Two coffee mornings per term for highlighting term projects and for parents to participate in our term planning if they wish. It is also an opportunity for us to get general feedback and for parents to socialise with other parents.


  • Daily WhatsApp messages and photos as well as emails informing parents about events and activities.


 We also have regular social events where parents can network and of course practice their languages. We recreate a multilingual community with mutual support and exchange of information. We offer guidance and advice on services throughout Oxford.


So... everyone has a strong sense of belonging in our unique, multicultural and multilingual setting... making it a truly extended 'home from home'.


We will work in parents’ mother tongue when we can and when required. 


→ Next stage:


  • We can help parents choosing the future school for their children.


  • We work in partnership with the schools our children are going to attend. We send them a report and liaise with their future teacher when possible to ease transition. We work, for example, closely with teachers at Europa School in Culham to ensure that children whose parents choose this school would be best prepared for this multicultural education.


  • Final ​reports can be written in different languages when needed if a child is going abroad.




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