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Multicultural environment



Children come to us from all over the world, often with mixed nationality, making an exceptional multi-cultural setting.  We have created an environment where children enjoy feeling comfortable in their own place, a truly multilingual and multicultural community, where they can communicate in their own language. 


It is incredible to see how this diversity produces tolerance, flexibility, opens minds and broadens horizons. This is a real gift to any child in our world today. 


Parents are keen to participate and bring different aspects of their cultures into our classroom, making their children really proud of their backgrounds (e.g. A granddad from the Philippines running activities around a Philippine flag; an Irish mum decorating the classroom on St Patrick’s Day; Finnish families organising "Virpominen"; or Russian families dressing up in traditional costumes, and so on).


Our Summertown French “patissier” Herve Gatineau comes to make "Galettes des Rois" with our children and all the parents; our Italian parents share their "savoir faire" with us while making pizza; our American "team" barbecues corn and marsh mallow for Independance Day; or a French mum makes 'crêpes', and so on.


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