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What we offer


An international, multilingual, multicultural setting, dedicated to guiding and nurturing children’s personal and social development by providing a rich learning environment founded on Montessori principles and methods of education. We offer individualised bilingual education in English-French, English-Spanish, English-Portuguese. Very shortly we will offer English-German and English-Italian.


In today’s multicultural society children are increasingly exposed to at least two languages. Our multilingual teachers work with children according to their individual needs:


·         to keep their mother tongue while socialising with others

·         to teach them another language, an invaluable life skill

·         to learn English gradually and naturally  


  • We provide a unique, multilingual and multicultural learning environment for Early Years.


  • A Montessori education


  • Children also benefit from the strong partnerships that exist between teachers and parents because information is regularly shared to support children's care and learning.


  • Our low teacher ratio (1 teacher for 3 children) ensures that each teacher has an excellent understanding of their children’s welfare and learning needs. 


  • Top services to parents too. Families arriving in Oxford from other parts of the world can also benefit from our social programme, meeting other parents and making new connections, often using their mother tongue. We also offer guidance and advice on services throughout Oxford.


  • And finally a ‘home from home' approach.





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