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Opening in April




A pioneering and exclusive, multilingual Montessori setting for children aged 2 - 5 years. We offer individualized, bilingual education in English-French, English-Spanish, English-Greek. Very shortly, we will also offer English-German and English-Italian. We are based in the heart of Oxford in Jericho, Walton Manor. 

We specialise in working with children with English as a second language but also welcome English children who would like to gain an invaluable head-start in life. To meet each child's needs we maintain a very low child-teacher ratio: one teacher to no more than three children each day.


Learning an extra language and gaining an understanding of cultural differences as early as possible in life can provide a huge head start for true profiency and a solid foundation for future success. 



Our Team


We are a dedicated and professional team, passionately committed to providing the best curriculum to prepare children for school. As committed, permanent staff we guarantee stability for all children, each of whom has the same ‘key person’ during their time with us. We recognise the crucial value of our relationships with parents, working in their mother tongue when we can.


The social dimension


We also offer support to parents through social events and social networking, which provide great opportunities to practice languages. We know for many parents, nursery is a crucial and formative time for themselves and their children. Families arriving in Oxford from other parts of the world can also benefit from our social programme, meeting other parents and making new connections, often using their mother tongue. We also offer guidance and advice on services throughout Oxford.


Our timetable is flexible


We start at 8.30 am and finish at 3.30 pm. We also offer breakfast (from 7.30 am) and after-school clubs and extra sessions if additional childcare is needed. 

Places are limited. We accept all vouchers.


If you want further details please contact Florence on 


Tel: 07759 856 126


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